The Apple Report

Welcome to the science of apples, the one-a-day superfood. Among these pages you will find that I have done the hard work for you. Keeping a constant eye on the literature means you have the latest apple research right here at your fingertips.

And the emerging picture for apples looks bright as recent research begins to bridge the gap between epidemiological data and the science of antioxidant action in the body.

With a greater antioxidant capacity than most commonly consumed fruits, an apple has more antioxidants than half a punnet of blueberries, a cup of strawberries or an orange.

Take the time to learn more about this overlooked every day staple and you will see why an apple a day is as relevant today as it ever was and why apples really are the everyday superfood.

And if you can't find what you need, you can contact me, and I will do my best to find it for you.

Karen Kingham

Karen Kingham

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Karen Kingham loves good food. A dietitian and freelance nutrition writer, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help people enjoy the benefits of great tasting food that brings both pleasure and wellbeing to their lives. Karen is the author of several healthy cookbooks and is the resident nutrition expert for the BBC Australian Good Food magazine.

Apple Nutrition Reports

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Apple Report 2010

Apples Report 2010

Based on a CSIRO review of 10 years of research
[PDF, 2.16MB]

Apple Report 2009

Apples Report 2009

A nutrition and health update
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Apple Report 2008

Apples Report 2008

A nutrition and health update
[PDF, 404KB]