Healthy Snack Ideas - Making Snacking Healthy

Below are just some of the ways you can add nutritious apples to snacks when you have the munchies. Now snacking can be healthy.

  • Add diced apples to fruit or salad recipes.
  • Grate or finely dice apples on top of your cereal.
  • Cut very thin slices of apples and serve on crackers with a slice of your favourite cheese. Also great with hummus or pate.
  • Place thin slices of apples, wedges or rings, in sandwiches with shaved ham, lettuce and a dash of wholeseed mustard.
  • Peel and core an apple. Cut apple into rings. Spread apple ring with peanut butter and top with banana slices. Top with another apple ring to make an apple sandwich.
  • Make an apple smoothie by blending an apple, skin on but core removed, milk, ice cream or yoghurt and a dash of cinnamon.
  • Core an apple and fill with brown sugar and cinnamon. Add a little water and microwave for 5-7 minutes. These easily prepared baked apples make a great dessert. Your children will love this healthy snack.