Growing Regions - Western Australia

There has long been a sense of pride associated with our land and working that land to provide fresh produce for our State and the rest of our country. Apple production is one of the many agricultural industries that thrive on Western Australian soil.

Regions, such as the South West, and the small towns within were built around horticulture and the region’s ability to produce superior fresh produce through the cooler night temperatures and warm summer days.

Many of the orchardists still operating within WA are fifth or sixth generation with each generation inheriting the farm from their elder relatives after retirement.

Horticulture in Western Australia is celebrated and with the recent creation of a Producer Committee, Fruit West, there are hopes that greater unity will emerge amongst the Pome producers of WA, taking the industry further forward.

Western Australia is known for producing delicious 'Cripps Pink' apples, the perfect addition to light summer meals. Why not try one of our favourite summer recipes, like this Apple, Chicory and Pecan salad.

Manjimup / Donnybrook

This region is located approximately 220 kilometres south of Perth. The area was settled somewhere around 1842 by Irish settlers but it wasn’t until 1900 that the first Granny Smith apple tree was planted.

Now this region is the largest apple producing area in Western Australia with 1,015 hectares of apple production in the Manjimup and Donnybrook region alone.

The ‘Cripps Pink;’ (sold as Pink Lady™) apple originated from this region and holds a special place in many of the grower’s hearts, an apple to call their own. Some growers believe the cooler night temperatures in the Southern regions enable a brighter red shade for their fruit, making their apples truly appetising to the consumer.

During the season the area comes alive with stunning picturesque vistas created by the apple tree blossoms and festivals held to honour the humble apple and those who take pride in growing it. 

Grower Profiles

Perth Hills

This region is located, on average, only a short 30-minute drive from the suburbs of Perth and provides a great scenic day out for the metropolitan population.

Thanks to warmer temperatures enjoyed by the northern region Perth Hills are generally able to extend their season by several weeks outside that of the South West.

Whilst the area of production in this region is small (151.8 hectares) in comparison to the Donnybrook / Manjimup region, the growers are no less passionate. The Perth Hills are known for their artistic residents, many making gourmet culinary products from their produce as a side avenue of sale.

There has been a slight shift within the Perth Hills region towards biodynamic production, with some of the largest biodynamic orchards in the state residing within this area. Whether this trend continues to grow remains to be seen.