Grower Profiles - Carl and Howard Hansen

Carl and Howard Hansen

Hansen Orchards Pty Ltd is owned by Carl and Howard Hansen. Carl is a third generation orchardist and Howard is a fourth generation orchardist. Hansen Orchards apples are grown at Grove and Huonville in the Huon Valley and at Rosegarland in the Derwent Valley. The Huon Valley is the main apple producing district in Tasmania. The orchard at Rosegarland has just recently been developed with the first crop due for harvest in 2011.

For most of the year there are 40 people involved in producing and packing apples, this grows to 80 during apple harvest and to over 200 during cherry harvest.

A number of varieties of apple are grown including: Braeburn, Cameo, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jazz™, Jonagold, Royal Gala, Pink Lady™, Red Delicious and Sundowner™.

As well as growing their own fruit, Hansen Orchards pack fruit for a number of other local orchards. There are nine other growers supplying apples to Hansen Orchards for packing.