Grower Profiles - Tim Vickers

Tim Vickers

Tim is latest scion of the long line of orchardists from Lenswood. Tim's great-grandfather John Vickers started the orchard in the late 1890's. Tim has been orcharding with his father and grandfather for eight years since finishing school. Tim is in charge of most of the spraying and mowing work done on the orchard and enjoys this outside work. Tim believes that compliance with the many regulations and export requirements will make farming much more demanding, and that continued low prices for fruit will require careful management of orchard practices. Tim strongly believes that changing orchards to more "dwarfing" trees will help keep overhead costs down. Tim has a keen interest in learning and expanding his knowledge and completed a Leadership Course with PIRSA in 2001. Tim expresses a hope to continue the long Vickers' tradition as successful and respected orchardists.