Grower Profiles - Adam Beauchamp

Adam Beauchamp

Adam Beauchamp is a fifth generation orchardist from Basket Range in the Adelaide Hills. He is married to Kylie and they have three children. Adam continues a long family tradition of fruit growing with his father and they currently crop 12 hectares of apples and 3 hectares of cherries.

Their newest plantings are Cripps Pink (sold as Pink Lady™), Galaxy Gala, and Red Fuji apples.

Adam has already seen many changes in the 15 years he has been orcharding with many older plantings removed as older varieties lose favour, much closer planting spaces and new tree-training methods. He feels that whilst offering good soils, Basket Range is challenging as the hills are steep and deep gullies of the area pose problems for attaining good colour on some apple varieties.

Marketing of his products is one issue that Adam feels passionate about. He sees a need for more of a cooperative approach to the marketing of apples, a need for insightful innovation and education of the consumer is tantamount to progress.

Adam feels that there is a gap between the consumers understanding of the product and the producer's ability to control the product once it leaves the farm gate. He would like to see more use of innovative packaging such as "refrigerator friendly" smaller containers and variety descriptions on the actual pack or bag. Adam has the combined experience of many generations behind him, but knows he must continue to expand his knowledge to continue the fruit growing tradition on his family's property. Membership of such organisations as the Ag Bureau is very important for the fruit growing community to keep abreast of the challenges facing them.