Grower Profiles - Simon Favaro

Simon Favaro

On the farm with Simon Favaro

How long have you grown apples?

I have been heavily involved in the orchard for about 16 years. My interest in orcharding began as a child when my parents and grand parents were running the farm. My parents Rino and Fernanda are still very involved in the business.

How long has the orchard been in the family?

Since 1937 when my grandfather and his brother bought the farm.

How many generations have grown apples on the farm?

Four. My Grandfather bought the original farm with his brother and their father. My great grandfather only stayed in Australia about ten years to help his sons get established, then returned to Italy to be with his wife and the rest of his family.

What varieties do you grow?

Summerdel, Royal Gala, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathon, Fuji, Cripps Red (sold as Sundowner™) and Cripps Pink (sold as Pink Lady™). The Summerdel variety is relatively unknown and originated in Stanthorpe. It is an early season apple which is picked in mid January.

What is your favourite variety?


What do you love about orcharding?

The freedom to be my own boss and the satisfaction of producing a good product.

What do you want to say to Australian consumers?

Small imperfections on the skin of an apple do not affect its taste. A paler Granny Smith is always sweeter than a very green one.

Who do you sell to?

Most produce is sent to the Brisbane and Sydney markets where it is distributed to smaller retailers and independents.