Cold storage

Why do you store apples?

Australians like their apples and they want to be able to enjoy them all year round. To satisfy apple eaters, we use different methods of storage to bridge the months between harvests. 

Apples are a healthy, whole food, and by enabling Australians to eat them all year round we are doing a great thing for the health of the nation.

What methods of storage do you use?

Cold storage is nothing more than sophisticated refrigeration.  Standard air cool stores maintain fruit at between 0 - 1°C, with humidity around 85%. 

Controlled atmosphere storage maintains the same temperature and humidity regimes as cold storage but reduces the oxygen level and increases the carbon dioxide level to greatly reduce apple ripening.

The SmartFreshSM Quality System is a new technology used in some cold storage facilities, both standard and controlled atmosphere.  SmartFreshTM works with nature’s ripening process by preventing the over-ripening effects of ethylene while the fruit is in storage, maintaining apple freshness. It is a development that means we can bring great quality apples to Australians all year round.

Does cold storage affect apple quality?

The methods of cold storage we use today keep the apples just about as fresh as when they were picked. The maturity of apples when they are harvested and the way apples are handled both before and after storage have a much bigger influence on the quality than storage itself. 

We strongly encourage retailers and consumers to handle their apples carefully and store them in a cool place – preferably in the fridge.

Did you know?

Apple growers and merchants have been extending the life of apples using various methods of storage for thousands of years.  In fact, limestone caves were used in France in Roman times and, with their higher levels of carbon dioxide, they can probably be considered some of the first known examples of controlled atmosphere storage.

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